2023 AAPI Heritage Month: Events

  • May 1, 2023 – May 31, 2023

Ready to Plan/Celebrate/Learn about AAPI Heritage Month? Below are links to May TeachAAPI resources as well as other helpful sources. Enjoy your journey!

First, the Basics: Why do we celebrate? Why May? Why AAPIs? What is AAPI? Was it always AAPI? So may great questions! We love this History Channel page to learn more, it’s a great starting point…

In Person Events…

May 4 | 5-7 PM, Long Beach, CA

Bring the Noise Student Exhibition in Long Beach | Billie Jean King Main Library, Long Beach | Now Available to Watch HERE

May 7 | 10-4 PM, Los Angeles, CA

Join TeachAAPI for AAPI LA @Smorgasburg | ROW DTLA 777 S Alameda St., LA, CA | More information here

May 13 | 10:30 AM, Los Angeles, CA

Helena Ku Rhee Book Reading & Signing Sora’s Seashells | at Children’s Book World | More information here

May 18 | Los Angeles, CA

Helena Ku Rhee Speaker Event | at Curtis School | Open to TeachAAPI Community Members & Parents of Member Schools | Please RSVP here.

Virtual Events…

Middle Readers Book Club

May 9 | 10 AM (Pacific) | Maizy Chen’s Last Chance | Join us to hear acclaimed author Lisa Yee speak about her journey with Maizy and chat live with students! Hosted by Children’s Book World. Register here. *

Little Readers Book Club

May 12 | 9 AM (Pacific) | Author Helena Ku Rhee reads her latest book, Sora’s Seashells, a beautiful intergenerational story about the origin of her name. Hosted by Children’s Book World. Available Now *

May 22 | 9 AM (Pacific) | Author Benson Shum Reads his newest picture book, Cindy and Panda. Hosted by Children’s Book World. Available Now *

Author Benson Shum Reads his second Anzu picture book. Ideal for DK-2nd grade in-classroom usage, featuring both storytelling and art. Available now!

Smithsonian National Museum of Asian Art Virtual Tours

Join the talented educators of the Smithsonian National Museum of Asian Art for a deep dive on the Cherry Blossom Festival. Available Now! Grades 1-3, 4-6, 9-12.

New Item

A newly added treat, especially for those old hollywood film buffs out there! Susan Goldman Rubinstein about her new book The Women Who Invented Hollywood that includes discussion, pictures, and videos about pioneer filmmaker Marian Wong and legendary actress Anna May Wong.  Specific section about Marian Wong & Anna May Wong: 41:00 mark to 54:29. Link here.