What we do

Community Building

Through events, in person, virtually and by sharing resources, we create a space where children, parents and people who identify with an AAPI culture can find a sense of belonging, confidence and pride in themselves and a better understanding of people who may look like them or share a similar background. We believe this sense of belonging and understanding are critical tools to building self advocacy skills in life.

For Parents & Kids

For kids to learn about the rich and diverse histories and contributions of Asian and Pacific Islander cultures.

Resources for Parents as they teach and talk to their children about their Asian American and Pacific Islander experiences.

To help explore AAPI cultures and have meaningful conversations about similarities and differences, while celebrating the beauty of it all.

Best Practices and Resources

Roadmaps, resources and recommendations for parents interested in increasing AAPI discussion, curriculum and cultural exposure at their children’s schools.

We are a community focused on practical solutions to help members in our community initiate, implement and support AAPI/DEI programming in our independent schools.